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DKNY Sunglasses


DKNY Sunglasses

There are hundreds of different men's and women's sunglasses brands but the most popular ones have been the high fashion brands. The reason why these compainies have gained such prestige in the sunglasses industry is because they have a unique sense of fashion and are capable of producing new and exciting styles that appeal to men and women of all ages. A wonderful example of a fashion line that pays unique attention to detail, design and style is DKNY.

DKNY stands for Donna Karan New York and it is the fashion label of designer Donna Karan. The line was founded in 1989 in New York and it was inspired by Donna Karan’s daughter, Gabby. The line was less expensive and less prestigious than it is now, she was first starting out and choose her markets carefully. In 1997, stores began to open in London and in 1999, stores in New York City began to surface as well. In 2001 it was purchased by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.Currently there are over 70 DKNY locations which inlcudes stores in Asia and Canada. As time progressed, DKNY began to to brand their eyewear and sunglasses offerings under the name DKNY Sunglasses.

DKNY Sunglasses is a sister company to the original DKNY fashion house. The main attraction of this men's and women's sunglasses brand is that they provide a distinct addition to an every day, casual wardrobe. You will notice that their sunglasses are unqiue and slick while providing a high fashion look to even a torn white v-neck tee shirt. Adding DKNY sunglasses to your wardrobe, can make you look like a Hollywood star in a matter of minutes, no matter what you are wearing. You can acquire a pair of these gorgeous sunglasses from major sunglasses retailers or even a department store, they are offered everywhere. If you find that you are without a local store, Donna Karan also sells her label online so you will be able to purchase a great pair of sunglasses without even having to leave your house. Whether you are looking for a thin framed pair of sunglasses or a large lens aviator style, there is something for everyone.

DKNY has become one of the most popular brands because of their extensive product line which includes perfumes, sunglasses, clothing, and other fashion accessories, especially sunglasses. Inspired by her daughter, Donna Karan began to build a fashion empire and has now changed the wardrobes of many women all over the world. If you are looking for a fantastic way to protect your eyes while looking your best, DKNY sunglasses have the perfect selection for you to choose from. Luckily, there is something for everyone and you will be really impressed with the styling of their sunglasses.