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Gargoyles Sunglasses

Gargoyles Sunglasses

Dennis Burns was the original founder of Gargoyles Sunglasses and he created the company in 1979. He completely revolutionized the sunglasses industry with his creation of the Toric lens. At that time, the majority of sunglasses designers were going for style more so than protecting the vision from harmful uv rays. From the creative mind of Dennis Burns, came sunglasses designs featuring style, ultraviolet protection and durability. He soon became the frontrunner in the fashion sunglasses industry. To this day, Gargoyles Eyewear is still a popular sunglasses brand with a truly dedicated following and this is really amazing when considering the short amount of time his company has existed.

Dennis Burns came to the conclusion that flat sunglasses lenses really did more damage to the eyes than the protection they offered. He decided was that the curved lenses that were currently produced caused distortion and stressed the average person’s vision. His consideration of these common faults found in most sunglasses led him to design the Toric lens for his own Gargoyles sunglasss line. Their innovative shape allowed light to be transmitted directly to the users eye without refraction and without any distortion which increased the clarity of his sunglasses. By the time the early 80’s came about, the Toric lens was the front runner in sunglasses lens technology and it was featured in the Gargoyles Performance Eye wear collection. With these new sunglasses, the average consumer would experience extraordinary vision protection and clarity.

To this day, Gargoyles is still producing state of the art eyewear that provides superior protection and Toric lenses are still featured throughout their product lines but with even better features. One of the things that consumers like is the fact that Gargoyles sunglasses has that unique style in all their models. Whether you are looking for a pair of sunglasses for a sports activity, a trendy pair for that night out, or even a pair to wear while riding your motorcycle, there are many Gargoyles which will meet your needs. With shatterproof lenses, 100% UV protection, soft rubber temple tip inserts, really durable lenses, you can be assured that your vision will be protected and you will present a really unique appearance.

Gargoyles eye wear has been a part of the sunglasses industry and have most definitely made their own unique mark on sunglasses design. With the invention of the Toric lenses, the quality of sunglasses was greatly increased and now thanks to Dennis Burns, sunglasses make much more than a passive fashion statement. Whether you are a police officer looking for protective eyewear while qualifying with your pistol, or if you are a college student looking to impress your date, there will be a pair of Gargoyles Sunglasses which are perfect for you.