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Illesteva Sunglasses

Illesteva Sunglasses-Get a Pair and Stay on the Leading Edge

Illesteva Sunglasses

Illesteva is a top maker of designer sunglasses. The company was founded in 2009 and entered the fashion accessory market by producing hand made sunglasses. Daniel Silberman and Justin Salguero were the founders and they design in New York City. Their sunglasses are made by small family based companies in Italy,France and Germany. So when you purchase a pair you get the best, great designs from the center of the fashion world and great craftsmanship from Europe. Dan Silberman's interest in photography, design and retro movies provides the historical and technical drive that the company capitalizes upon and his partner Justin Salguero is a native of New York City and has a background in music and the arts. This diverse partnership is working exceptionally well as their modern and vintage sunglasses designs have really taken off and they are now ranked right up with the other top brands.

These sunglasses are all handmade. They are priced fairly and are made of materials that include titanium and antelope bone. The styling of Illesteva sungalsses are amazing. They all have a retro touch and are very bold. Their sunglasses are all fairly large and really work well for women and men that have their own sense of style. These include those special people who can buy off the rack and mix and match and still look like they have just come off of a fashion runway. 

Illesteva sunglasses are uniquely designed and concentrate on a single feature. A pair of sunglasses may feature amazing stripes or the lenses may have an unusual color. The frames are really sturdy and make a statement on their own.  When you wear these sunglasses you are wearing a fashion item and not an accessory. You can build your whole unique look around a pair of these sunglasses.

So get a pair of these and build around them.  Try a large hat or a retro jacket and definetely a pair of designer jeans.  Start your outfit with these sunglasses and see where they take you.  I do and I love the result!

Illesteva Sunglasses